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McDermid Controls has partnered with Tridium.

McDermid Controls has partnered with Tridium! We are now an approved Tridium Niagara systems integrator.

The Niagara Framework® connects and translates data from almost all devices and systems. Information can be shared freely between smart devices despite variations between communication protocol, design standard or data type. This provides the flexibility of open protocols including BACnet and Modbus, allowing for integration with proprietary systems from a huge range of manufacturers.

Tridium have changed the way people and machines communicate - managing and optimising performance of buildings, factories, cities and beyond. Upon completion of integration, end users can manage these systems in real time and from one location. Buildings and systems can be easily monitored and controlled using a standard web browser.

The Niagara Framework® creates the potential to achieve improved energy management, enhanced security, decreased costs and end-to-end efficiency across multiple industries.

For more information, contact leahsullivan@mcdermidcontrols.co.uk or call us directly on 01355 571215.